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Designer Drugs Drumstep Dubstep Remix by HYX & H0U5TON

Download free music Designer Drugs Drop Down Drumstep Remix

Designer Drugs – Drop Down ( HYX & H0U5T0N Drugstep Remix ) Free Download by HYX & H0U5T0N

Over 500 downloads in 2 days check out HYX & H0U5T0N‘s official #drumstep / #dubstep approved remix for super star djs Designer Drugs.

Cameras by Matt & Kim – Alvin Risk Dubstep Remix

Matt & Kim Cameras Alvin Risk Dubstep Remix

With support from Skrillex, Pendulum, Designer Drugs, Tittsworth and Steve Aoki chances are you have probably heard Alvin Risk’s dubstep destroyer, Cameras.

Matt & Kim – Cameras (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

SEX CULT presents ALVIN RISK | PLS DNT STP 4/2 @ Sonar Baltimore

SEX CULT is the record label and lifestyle brand owned and operated by the members of Designer Drugs. http://facebook.com/sexcult

ALVIN RISK | http://www.alvinrisk.com/

Making beats with Designer Drugs. Releasing a forthcoming EP with Tittsworth on Plant. Producing DC sensation Painted Face. Doing remixes for Matt and Kim, Jamaica, Laura Veirs, and more. Having tracks featured on BBC’s Radio One from the boys in Pendulum + Dave …Nada. Featured on the the first two SEX CULT releases, singer/producer/remixer/DJ Alvin Risk is killing it.

Designer Drugs – Through The Prism (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

PLS DNT STP | http://www.PLSDNTSTP.com/

The lights went down, the sound went up, she turned to him and said, “PLS DNT STP”.The strobe lights were so blinding, they almost forgot how they met. It was the last song of the night. The last chance to dance. He turned to her and said, “PLS DNT STP”.

Free Track and Mix Download

PLSDNTSTP-Information Overload Vol 2 by PLSDNTSTP
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (PLS DNT STP Charlie Sheen bootleg) by PLSDNTSTP

VIBE LIME & KC | http://licensetooill.blogspot.com/


18+ To Dance
21+ To Drink
$10 Cover

Designer Drugs – Datamix 13

Here we have it folks. Designer Drugs Datamix 13. Fresh off their album release “Hardcore/Softcore” comes the

latest in their much anticipated mix series. This time their rocking some unreleased remixes, and showcasing tracks

from their record label Sex Cult. They’ve even thrown in some jams from super friends of Tighten UP! Alvin risk and PLS DNT STP.

Kudos gentlemen. Kudos to you.


1. Nine Inch Nails – Sin
2. The Boomzers – Rowentah (Deadbots Remix)
3. Designer Drugs feat. Justin Pearson – Dead Meat
4. Autodidakt – Nitro (Audionite Remix)
5. Your Dirty Habit – Goin’ Down
6. Matt and Kim – Cameras (Alvin Risk Remix)
7. Owl Visions – The Black Death (F.O.O.L. Remix)
8. Herve feat. Marina Gasolina – Baseball Bat (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
9. Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
10. Bryan Ferry – Shameless (UltraDelux Remix)
11. Klaxons – Echoes (Designer Drugs Remix)
12. Congorock – Babylon (Riton Remix)
13. Totentanz – Death (La Musiqe d’ Ordinateur Remix)
14. Autodidakt + Electro Ferris – Chainsaw (The Oddword Remix)
15. Vandroid – Master and Slave (Yuksek Remix)
16. Your Dirty Habit – How Hard
17. Hussle Club – Loose Tights (Richie Panic Remix)
18. Gucci Mane – Freaky Girl (Deathwave Edit)
19. Designer Drugs – Through the Prism (PLS DNT STP Remix)

Designer Drugs – Datamix 13 by ultrarecords

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Tighten UP! Podcast 6

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Back with the fury of a zillion coked out velociraptors, Tighten UP! is here with a new podcast. This time they teamed up with DC movers DSN (Dirty Sweaty Nasty) to do a double broadcast feature. Not only will this be found on the regular Tighten UP! iTunes link and mixcloud, but it will be downloadable through the DSN Throbcast as well.

Filled with robot drops, and explosions from the future, this podcast features new tracks from DC’s Space Prince, Alvin Risk, The New York Dukes of Dirty Electro, Designer Drugs, The sugary sweet vocals of Painted Face, brand spanking new dirty beats from Profound Audio, The freshmen 15 of dubstep, PLS DNT STP, nerds who don’t look like nerds, Hyx & H0U5T0N, and just some Nero.

We will threw in some tracks to download throughout Jan/Feb. Play nice and share. Or the mp3 police will take your new toys away. Vagina Power!!!

Go download on iTunes (subscribe and review please!!!) or listen and get the full tracklist on Mixcloud.

Sex educator Alexyss Tylor goes live

A TightenUP! fan favorite for many years, Ms. Vagina Power herself, Alexyss Tylor


The entire McDonalds dance scene from the ill fated movie, Mac and Me. This one’s for you Alvin Risk. Oh ya he’s got a new Tumblr blog too btw.

This week in reverse. The Monday Warm UP!

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We had full intentions of posting the Friday Round UP! but there has been some sever probs on my end. Maybe I just need to upgrade my googles or something. Anywho. Here’s what we meant to say on friday. Cue the Friday Round UP! music. We got some shits from the internets. First off peep the 50 greatest animated gifs of all time sponsored by Complex.com

50 Best Animated Gifs on the Web

complex, 50 best animated gifs, friday round up!, tighten up, alvin risk, painted face, dc, uhall, video, animation, design, animated gif, the making of, undreamt,

Nextly we would like to present you this piece of crazy. It’s an effects reel from the production house BUF. Turn up the speakers and cue the digital drugs.

Watch The Video

complex, 50 best animated gifs, friday round up!, tighten up, alvin risk, painted face, dc, uhall, video, animation, design, animated gif, the making of, undreamt,


And in closing, this weekend marks Alvin Risk’s record release party for “The Making of“, at Uhall in DC. Download it and show your face saturday. Keep your weekend herb free. Peace.

DESIGNER DRUGS – Through The Prism

Designer Drugs feat Cerebral Vortex – Through The Prism out on Ultra Records oct 26th. Watch

out for the remixes featuring some pals of Tighten UP! coming in November.

Painted Face Contest!

Painted Face tighten up contest

You read that right. Painted Face contest. Not a face painting contest. We can’t say enough good things about this young lady and her amazingly dope tracks. Shes been featured on the last 2 podcasts, and also hit us up with some free downloads. And now she has ever so kindly given us a few CDs and stickers to give away. So in the spirit of Tighten UP-ness, we’re going to need an email from you. We’ll pick a few winners and announce them for the friday Round UP! Good luck!

Send your name to Tightenupdotbiz@gmail.com

Undreamt by Painted Face