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Designer Drugs Presents DATAMIX 11

Designer Drugs DataMix

Ummm besides The TightenUP! podcast… we can only guaranty a few podcasts will make your iPod explode. Datamix is one of those mixes. Full of face melting, Designer Drugs brings a heavy dose of “let’s get Ultamized” with DataMix 11. Stand out tunes from this mix is the Alvin Risk remix of Fly by night, Duck Sauce’s Barbra Striesand, The Oddworld remix of Heavy, and Designer Drugs forthcoming track, Through the Prism with Cerebral Cortex.


Bonus Round: check out an upcoming release from Designer Drugs
Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Alvin Risk RMX)

Deathwave – Podcast 5 Featured Artist

As promised folks we are dishing out tracks from artists featured on podcast 5. Last week we hit you with Alvin RiskAt Last.” This week we have Nathan Vice’s new project Deathwave. We featured Jack Her on the podcast, and he has so kindly made his new track Pancake available for download. This track is something fierce. And the 2nd drop. Oh Boy! So enjoy, and check out the interview we did with him last month.

Deathwave – Pancake by Deathwave

The Friday Round UP!

It’s time to do the Round UP! Looks like Tighten UP! has been firing on  all 8 cylinders this week. Ya thats right we’re running on 8. The new podcast dropped, and the response has been extra rad. We also saw the release of Alvin Risk’sThe Making Of..” ep. We’re going to keep the good times rolling in October with more free downloads, and hopefully some more interviews. So watch it!

VII Photo agency, alvin risk, the making of, tighten up!, mp3s, downloads, tighten up podcast 5, the friday round up!
Just thought it would be nice to toss this web gem in. It’s a photo journalism website that is kinda mind blowing. They cover lots of socially conscious topics and provide short back stories for the photos. Check it out.

VII Photo Agency

The Making of Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk At Last, alvin risk, the making of, dance, rock, electro, download, ep, at last, safe, wave, tighten up! podcast, volume 4, volume 5,

Here it is folks. We’re making good on our promises. Every week, we will be giving away a track from Tighten UP! podcast 5. And we are happy to present you with “At Last”, by Alvin Risk.

Fresh off the success of the Designer Drugs remix, Back Up In This, Alvin Risk has debuted his EP, The Making Of. The lead song, “At Last,” touches down on the spaced out tip, painting the loveliest end of the world scenario we have ever heard. All of the tracks have a lush, melodic feel, while still retaining a very approachable, dancefloor vibe. And with this EP, we have officially entered Alvin Risk for the Rookie of the year award. Download away, and don’t forget to check him out on Podcast 5.

Alvin Risk – At Last

Website: alvinrisk.com
Twitter: @alvinrisk
Facebook: facebook.com/alvinrisk
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/alvinrisk

Painted Face

In recent months, DC has witnessed some impressive musical talent emerge from the nation’s capital. From Nouveau Riche fame, Starks & Nacey have kept a steady crowd pleasing progression through minimal beats and bass. Alvin Risk appears to have descended from space and introduced an overwhelming amount of “what the crap!”. Quietly trailing behind her brother, a new star in DC is about to take form. Painted Face has been preparing for her debut record with songs like Sum of Me and The Undreamt featured on the Tighten Up Podcast 4. She has already created enough buzz through the internet and has begun to plan her first tour this fall.

Download one of her first featured tracks, check out her website and follow her on twitter.

Download: Painted Face – The Undreamt
Website: paintedfacemusic.com
Twitter: @iampaintedface
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paintedface
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/paintedface

Tighten up podcast 4

Days have passed. Months even, since we dropped the last Tighten UP! Podcast. This one is something else though. We’ve been holding on to the material just til we had the right blend. Infact, wikileaks threatened to release our podcast to the public if we sat on these tracks any longer. And for an added bonus, Tighten UP! Is throwing in downloads this week from Mayhem, Painted Face, Silverback and HYX & H0U5T0N. So in the words of Han Solo, “Here’s where the fun begins.”

Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire Drumstep RMX)
Honorebel, Jump Smokers Ftr Pitbull – Now you see it ( Blokhe4d rmx)
D Minds – T minus 10 (Gansterstep rmx)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Kick Snare VIP (Drumstep rmx)
Terravita – Lockdown
Gein – Motherfucker
Da VIP & Encode – High Technology
Implex & Enei – Universal
Rusko ftr Amber Coffman – Hold On (Sub Focus)
AK1200 ftr Cleveland Lounge -Drowning (Terravita rmx)
Netsky – I refuse (Shock One rmx)
Fresh – Acid Rain
M.I.A. – I am Free (12th Planet rmx)
Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P rmx)
Nelly Furtado – Maneater (SilverBack rmx)
Dizzee Rascal and Chase $ Status – Heavy
HYX & H0U5T0N – SideFX edit
Project Pat + OJ The Juiceman – Keep it hood (Mayhem bootleg)
12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P rmx)
Nero – Innocence
We Bang – Smash the floor
Painted Face – The Undreamt
Alvin Risk – Live Mix
Polymorphic – Rock to play (Proxy Re-Work)
Pendulum – The Island part 1
Le CastleVania – Nobody Gets out alive (rrrump rmx)
N-joi – Anthem (TADT rmx)
Zombies for money – Numbra One
Starks & Nacey feat. Get High – The Flip
Nathan Vice – Earthquake Sex
N E R D feat Nelly Furtado – Hot and Fun (crookers rmx)
Chop Shop – Squeeze Chune

Subscribe to the podcast on itunes to download the mix blast the cloudcast over on mixcloud

Pendulum BBC 1 xtra mix now with %80 MORE Alvin RISK!!

That Alvin Risk is a very very bad man. Look what he went and did. 1st he went and remixed Designer Drugs, then he got the track on Pendulum’s new 1xtra Essentials mix. Tisk Tisk Mr.Risk. Tisk Tisk.

Pendulum BBC 1 Xtra Mix

LauraVeirs – July Flame (Alvin Risk Remix)

LauraVeirs - July Flame (Alvin Risk Remix)

Lets keep this short. You need this song. Click the link and download it.

LauraVeirs – JulyFlame (Alvin Risk Remix)

Alvin Risk – Street Safari

Alvin Risk, Street Safari

The Shantyman- Uzi Octopus
0:40 Love Tempo – Small Town Romeo (Malente Remix)
2:16 Song For Nona – Act Yo Age (Savage Skulls Remix)
5:39 Chaos – New Young Pony Club (Dekker & Johan Remix)
7:40 Git Em – Steve Starks
9:11 Pororoca – Beware & Motorpitch (Zombies For Cash Remix)
12:24 Backroom Honey – Saeed Younan
13:23 Infinity – Alvin Risk
15:50 Back Up In This – Designer Drugs (Alvin Risk Remix)
17:18 The Eff We Do – Four Four
18:49 Numbra One- Zombies For Money
20:00 Tusk – Alvin Risk
22.28 Jack It- Nouveuau Yorican (Drop The Lime Remix)
26:11 Inner Voices – Addy
28:25 Waiting – D.A.M.B

Download it Here.