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The Friday Round UP! – Podcast edition

It’s been an MP3 crazy 2 weeks. We kinda feel bad because we didn’t point this out last week. But now EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! For our Friday Round UP! we’re linking you to all of the mp3′s we gave away with Tighten UP! Podcast 4. We’re also linking you to some of the other great songs we gave away this past week. So download them. Trade them with your friends. Just make sure you collect all 6.

Tighten up Podcast 4


Nelly Furtado – Maneater (Silverback Dubstep Remix)

Yeasayer – O.N.E (Peter Dragontail Remix)

Lazerbitch – Twilight (Booman Baltimore Club Remix)

Painted Face – Undreamt

Ten Toes Down – Mayhem bootleg

Sidefx – HYX & H0U5T0N Dubstep Redit

Welcome to Tighten UP!

Welcome to the Tighten UP! blog. Here it is. Brand spanking new from your favorite party crew. We here at Tighten UP! aim to bring you the freshest new podcasts, mp3s, interviews, articles, and general dope shit for 2010 and beyond. We’re just getting the ball rolling with content, but check back often as we add new sections and special video interviews from some of your favorite Producers and DJ’s.