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Podcast 6 featured Artist – Painted Face!

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Looks like the Tighten UP! email address for tracks has received yet another virtual hug from our BFF, I hope you don’t change over the summer, Painted Face. And we did what we normally do. Put her song on the podcast, and mix it with something nasty. The track, “Favorite One”, is quite the catchy number. Catchy vocals and a fresh beat. What more could you ask for. Go forth and download our little interneters.

Painted Face – Favorite One (you know the drill, right click, yada yada yada)

Painted Face Contest!

Painted Face tighten up contest

You read that right. Painted Face contest. Not a face painting contest. We can’t say enough good things about this young lady and her amazingly dope tracks. Shes been featured on the last 2 podcasts, and also hit us up with some free downloads. And now she has ever so kindly given us a few CDs and stickers to give away. So in the spirit of Tighten UP-ness, we’re going to need an email from you. We’ll pick a few winners and announce them for the friday Round UP! Good luck!

Send your name to Tightenupdotbiz@gmail.com

Undreamt by Painted Face