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The Friday Round UP!

Videos Videos Videos! Lets do the Round UP! dance. We posted this early in the week. T-Pain dropping mad Mega Giga bytes. So funny.

Lets follow that up with some Japanese hotties dancing around doing non sense. Love it!

And finally, lets close out with the original rave. Acid House 4 life. And oh ya, They banned four loko.

Going Loko

Not sure whats going on in your city. But In Philly kids are going nuts for this sauce. It’s called Loko. It’s pretty much the older brother of Sparks, who just got home from upstate for armed robbery. Instead of a weak %6 ABV. It’s packing 11. And it touts to have as much energy as 4 cups of coffee in every 24 ounce can. Suck it Juan Valdez. So you should probably go out and try it before its gone. And PS it tastes like licking a 9 volt and taking a shot of Robitussin. Proceed with caution. And PPS, rumor has it we’ll have a couple cases at the Tighten UP! party the end of the month.