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NightRiders – One Day At A Time Remix ft Grey Granite

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Gatta show some love real quick to our mega supporters in the midwest Heavy Gun. They just passed on a new track by the Night Riders. Digging in. Let it be your tuesday anthem. peep.

NightRiders – One Day At A Time Remix ft Grey Granite by HeavyGun


Somewhere in space, this may be all happening, right now. You gatta love what James Lavelle did here. He took Kool G Rap, and literally thrust him into the future. This is the original, Space Ghetto. Unkle – Kool G Rap – Gunz Blazing

Hammer disses Jay-Z – The Devils in the Details

This is awkward. Interesting non the less. Hammer plays into the illuminati rumors that Jay-Z worships the devil and hides the fact within his raps. Personally I would love if Jay-Z had more in common with Danzig, and less with Weezy, but thats just me.

Ludachrist – Talk Is Cheap

Ludachrist is back! Kill The Noise and Knick are up to no good with this promo for their new release, “Talk Is Cheap.” Peep the video and check the link. Zing!

Worship Ludachrist

Chiddy Bang ft. Q-Tip – Here We Go

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Nice. This is what I’m talking about. Some new rap that doesnt suck. And this is coming from a guy who

likes to RAP. Peep this jem from Chiddy Bang featuring Q Tip. Lovely!