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Ludachrist – Talk Is Cheap

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Ludachrist is back. Knick and Kill the Noise, makers of hit songs like Ghostbuster Rhymes. have dropped a new mixtape mash up called, Talk Is Cheap. Give it a download, and pass on the nuttiness.

Download it here.

Ludachrist – Talk Is Cheap

Ludachrist is back! Kill The Noise and Knick are up to no good with this promo for their new release, “Talk Is Cheap.” Peep the video and check the link. Zing!

Worship Ludachrist

Friday Round UP!

This is the first of our friday round up so we’ll keep it kinda short and sweet. For the lazies, we’re going to give you some of the best bits of the internet all in one post. So here we gooooo…

Mel Gibson does it again. But this time he does it with the help of our friends Ludachrist. Knick of Evol Intent, and Jake of Kill The Noise do an audio double team on Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson – Ludachrist RMX

Ok so technically not this week, but internerds are working up a lather over Comicon. For the uninitiated it’s a place where its ok to dress up like a super hero. And you might even get to shake the hand of Luke Skywalker. Hit the site and peep the schedule.


And the Pooh De’ Grace for today. Bevis and Butthead are coming back to MTV. Lets all say a prayer tonight, that MTV doesn’t somehow fuck this up.

Bevis and Butthead are back!