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The Friday Round UP!

It’s time to do the Round UP! Looks like Tighten UP! has been firing on  all 8 cylinders this week. Ya thats right we’re running on 8. The new podcast dropped, and the response has been extra rad. We also saw the release of Alvin Risk’sThe Making Of..” ep. We’re going to keep the good times rolling in October with more free downloads, and hopefully some more interviews. So watch it!

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Just thought it would be nice to toss this web gem in. It’s a photo journalism website that is kinda mind blowing. They cover lots of socially conscious topics and provide short back stories for the photos. Check it out.

VII Photo Agency

D.A.M.B – Daylight

Just got hit with some new jams by the likes of D.A.M.B and we must say we’re def feeling them. With some previous work on DJ’s Are Not Rockstars recieving some major love, this guy is one to watch for. Peep the song Daylight.

D.A.M.B – Daylight

LauraVeirs – July Flame (Alvin Risk Remix)

LauraVeirs - July Flame (Alvin Risk Remix)

Lets keep this short. You need this song. Click the link and download it.

LauraVeirs – JulyFlame (Alvin Risk Remix)


Dirty beats. Dirty bass. Say hello to our pal, ENDBOSS. Featured on Tighten UP! podcast numero 2, he’s bent on shaking things up in the Dubstep world. One of his first offerings was the “Thats My Steez” remix for Double on the Rocks, released on Dj’s Are Not Rockstars, earlier this spring. Currently he’s working on releases for Foul Play recordings, and Down Jones’ P5 records. Keep it up ENDBOSS. Just keep it up.