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Deathwave – Podcast 5 Featured Artist

As promised folks we are dishing out tracks from artists featured on podcast 5. Last week we hit you with Alvin RiskAt Last.” This week we have Nathan Vice’s new project Deathwave. We featured Jack Her on the podcast, and he has so kindly made his new track Pancake available for download. This track is something fierce. And the 2nd drop. Oh Boy! So enjoy, and check out the interview we did with him last month.

Deathwave – Pancake by Deathwave


tighten up, round up, no white pants

Sorry things have been kinda bland folks. Illy has been sick with a serious case of the end of summer AIDS, and H0U5T0N has been working on podcast 5 something serious. All we have for the Round UP! is this piece of advice. NO WHITE PANTS.