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Hammer disses Jay-Z – The Devils in the Details

This is awkward. Interesting non the less. Hammer plays into the illuminati rumors that Jay-Z worships the devil and hides the fact within his raps. Personally I would love if Jay-Z had more in common with Danzig, and less with Weezy, but thats just me.

Chiddy Bang ft. Q-Tip – Here We Go

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Nice. This is what I’m talking about. Some new rap that doesnt suck. And this is coming from a guy who

likes to RAP. Peep this jem from Chiddy Bang featuring Q Tip. Lovely!



Looks like we’re getting back on track here forks. Podcast 5 is almost ready to go. We’ve got lots of brand new gems on it. We also have an interview with Nathan Vice/Deathwave hitting the blog next week. Should be a fun one.

This week we saw Super Mario turn 25. Truly heart warming. He’s now well beyond the legal age to drink, and the only thing he has to look forward to is his car insurance going down.

It turns out Joaquin Phoniex was full of shit the whole time. Oddly too good of an actor to portray a shitty rapper, his stunt turned out to be part of a quasi-documentary movie. May we suggest a guy who actually did a quasi-documentary movie correctly. Pauly Shore Is Dead.

“Im Still Here” Trailer

Die Antwoord Live @ Making Time Philly for my ninjas

These guys are straight dumb. In a bad way and a good way at the same time. Peep the video from the Tighten UP! cam. Live @ Making Time in July. Damn was it sweaty.

The Friday Round UP!

Got hit with some new tracks by D.A.M.B this week. Hopefully they will make it into the upcoming Tighten UP! podcst. Until then check out his July MIX Here.

A new movie is opening up at the Film Forum in NYC featuring previously unseen footage of Jean-Michel Basquiat, hands down one of the innovators of street art. Chances are you won’t be able to make it, but keep on the look out for DVD release. Jean-Michel Basquiat – The Radiant Child

And Die Antwoord is in Philly Friday night. For those who aren’t familiar with this South African act. Then don’t go. Because it would be too costly to reconstruct your head after it explodes at Making Time.