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Designer Drugs “Dead Meat” feat. Justin Pearson (Leg Lifters “Dead From the Neck Up” remix)

Cameras by Matt & Kim – Alvin Risk Dubstep Remix

Matt & Kim Cameras Alvin Risk Dubstep Remix

With support from Skrillex, Pendulum, Designer Drugs, Tittsworth and Steve Aoki chances are you have probably heard Alvin Risk’s dubstep destroyer, Cameras.

Matt & Kim – Cameras (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

Duck Sauce – Barbra Striesand (PLS DNT STP Charlie Sheen bootleg

There comes a time in every mans life when things get so crazy, so out of hand that people have to make a song about him. Always winning. Thats the goal. Lets just call this Two and a Half bootlegs.

PLS DNT STP, bass terminators from the future, have finally given the man the respect he deserves. A touch of Ducksauce. A dash of dubstep. Get ready to enjoy a drug known as “Charlie Sheen.”

Duck Sauce – Barnbara Striesand (PLS DNT STP Charlie Sheen bootleg) by PLSDNTSTP

Email: info@PLSDNTSTP.com


12th Planet and Jukali “Reasons” Video – Doctor P RMX


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Following up on our series of featured artists from the Tighten UP! podcast volume 4 is our guy ENDBOSS. Not to be confused with this END BOSS, he’s a dubstep producer from Philly getting serious looks for his dirty basslines that reak of Hot Robot Breath. He’s recently teamed up with another Philly producer, Stepkinetic, to form the side project, Silverback. We knew they were up to some damage when they made Nelly Furtado sound dope over dubstep. Mad kudos bars to you two. And with that enjoy the download.

Nelly Furtado – Maneater (Silverback Dubstep Remix)

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Peter Dragontail Remix)

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Peter Dragontail Remix Mix)

This ones for the ladies. We are REALLY digging this Yeasayer Remix by Philly’s Peter Dragontail. This guy has been under the radar in Philly for a bit, with some stand out track writing. (And some wild illustration skills too if we might add) This track is def on the deeper tip.

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Peter Dragontail Remix)

Lazerbitch – Twilight (DJ Booman Bmore Club Remix)

Lazerbitch has been killing it this year! Max and Libby have been on the grind for serious. Rocking shows, working it out in the studio, and getting some airplay on 92Q in Baltimore. They just hit us off with a remix of their forth coming song/video “Twilight.” Booman kills it, staying true to the Bmore club sound. Enjoy the download, and send Lazer Libby a hello on twitter.

Lazerbitch – Twilight (DJ Booman Bmore Club Remix)

Tighten up podcast 4

Days have passed. Months even, since we dropped the last Tighten UP! Podcast. This one is something else though. We’ve been holding on to the material just til we had the right blend. Infact, wikileaks threatened to release our podcast to the public if we sat on these tracks any longer. And for an added bonus, Tighten UP! Is throwing in downloads this week from Mayhem, Painted Face, Silverback and HYX & H0U5T0N. So in the words of Han Solo, “Here’s where the fun begins.”

Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire Drumstep RMX)
Honorebel, Jump Smokers Ftr Pitbull – Now you see it ( Blokhe4d rmx)
D Minds – T minus 10 (Gansterstep rmx)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Kick Snare VIP (Drumstep rmx)
Terravita – Lockdown
Gein – Motherfucker
Da VIP & Encode – High Technology
Implex & Enei – Universal
Rusko ftr Amber Coffman – Hold On (Sub Focus)
AK1200 ftr Cleveland Lounge -Drowning (Terravita rmx)
Netsky – I refuse (Shock One rmx)
Fresh – Acid Rain
M.I.A. – I am Free (12th Planet rmx)
Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P rmx)
Nelly Furtado – Maneater (SilverBack rmx)
Dizzee Rascal and Chase $ Status – Heavy
HYX & H0U5T0N – SideFX edit
Project Pat + OJ The Juiceman – Keep it hood (Mayhem bootleg)
12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P rmx)
Nero – Innocence
We Bang – Smash the floor
Painted Face – The Undreamt
Alvin Risk – Live Mix
Polymorphic – Rock to play (Proxy Re-Work)
Pendulum – The Island part 1
Le CastleVania – Nobody Gets out alive (rrrump rmx)
N-joi – Anthem (TADT rmx)
Zombies for money – Numbra One
Starks & Nacey feat. Get High – The Flip
Nathan Vice – Earthquake Sex
N E R D feat Nelly Furtado – Hot and Fun (crookers rmx)
Chop Shop – Squeeze Chune

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Camo UFOS – Pon the Dancefloor RMX

Just to get folks a bit more excited for Camo UFOs in philly saturday, here is a free download of their Major Lazer – Pon the Dancefloor RMX. Enjoy, and don’t forget to RSVP. Did someone also say Tighten UP! VS Camo UFOS after party? Stay tuned! PS thank Media Contender for the tune.

Camo UFOS – Pon the Dancefloor RMX

Friday Round UP!

This is the first of our friday round up so we’ll keep it kinda short and sweet. For the lazies, we’re going to give you some of the best bits of the internet all in one post. So here we gooooo…

Mel Gibson does it again. But this time he does it with the help of our friends Ludachrist. Knick of Evol Intent, and Jake of Kill The Noise do an audio double team on Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson – Ludachrist RMX

Ok so technically not this week, but internerds are working up a lather over Comicon. For the uninitiated it’s a place where its ok to dress up like a super hero. And you might even get to shake the hand of Luke Skywalker. Hit the site and peep the schedule.


And the Pooh De’ Grace for today. Bevis and Butthead are coming back to MTV. Lets all say a prayer tonight, that MTV doesn’t somehow fuck this up.

Bevis and Butthead are back!