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Sleigh Bells

We featured Sleigh Bells as the first track on Tighten Up podcast 5. RCRD LBL has Sleigh Bells featured this week and is providing a few downloads including one from Kingdom.

SubHuman presents: MUFFLER Gangwarz

SubHUman Muffler GANGWARZ

Earlier this week, TightenUp! received a media package from SubHuman’s follow up to Numbernin9′s dance floor smasher, Garbage (featured on TightenUP! podcast 5). For SubHuman’s second release, Dieselboy and Smash Gordon enlisted the heavy bassline vet, Muffler to continue their signature hard hitting sound. Be sure to check out the SubHuman site for interviews and upcoming releases.

Muffler – GANGWARZ

Website: humanimprint.com/
Twitter: @humanimprint
Facebook: facebook.com/Dieselboy.Human.SubHuman

The Friday Round UP!

It’s time to do the Round UP! Looks like Tighten UP! has been firing onĀ  all 8 cylinders this week. Ya thats right we’re running on 8. The new podcast dropped, and the response has been extra rad. We also saw the release of Alvin Risk’sThe Making Of..” ep. We’re going to keep the good times rolling in October with more free downloads, and hopefully some more interviews. So watch it!

VII Photo agency, alvin risk, the making of, tighten up!, mp3s, downloads, tighten up podcast 5, the friday round up!
Just thought it would be nice to toss this web gem in. It’s a photo journalism website that is kinda mind blowing. They cover lots of socially conscious topics and provide short back stories for the photos. Check it out.

VII Photo Agency

The Making of Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk At Last, alvin risk, the making of, dance, rock, electro, download, ep, at last, safe, wave, tighten up! podcast, volume 4, volume 5,

Here it is folks. We’re making good on our promises. Every week, we will be giving away a track from Tighten UP! podcast 5. And we are happy to present you with “At Last”, by Alvin Risk.

Fresh off the success of the Designer Drugs remix, Back Up In This, Alvin Risk has debuted his EP, The Making Of. The lead song, “At Last,” touches down on the spaced out tip, painting the loveliest end of the world scenario we have ever heard. All of the tracks have a lush, melodic feel, while still retaining a very approachable, dancefloor vibe. And with this EP, we have officially entered Alvin Risk for the Rookie of the year award. Download away, and don’t forget to check him out on Podcast 5.

Alvin Risk – At Last

Website: alvinrisk.com
Twitter: @alvinrisk
Facebook: facebook.com/alvinrisk
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/alvinrisk