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Designer Drugs “Dead Meat” feat. Justin Pearson (Leg Lifters “Dead From the Neck Up” remix)

Sexy Sax Man

Careless Whisper by Sexy Sax Man


Why Stan Lee? WHY?!?

X-Men Anime Teaser

High Rankin Interview with Jack Hopper. Mind the K

Peep this High Rankin interview. A tad silly but we love it non the less. Shout out to our homies in NYC @Darkroom for having him through, Feb 19th. Profound Audio coming proper.

Oh this is so NSFW

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What gems the internet holds. This is wild. Looks like someone has hacked the new Xbox Kinect to work with “Adult” themed video games. The company thriXXX has been pioneering this entertainment for awkward teenagers, and creepy old guys who work at 7-11. Check the video, and click the link if you dare.


Incase you have never tried FourLoko and wonder what the experience is like?


Somewhere in space, this may be all happening, right now. You gatta love what James Lavelle did here. He took Kool G Rap, and literally thrust him into the future. This is the original, Space Ghetto. Unkle – Kool G Rap – Gunz Blazing

T-Pain + Toshiba = MegaGigaBytes!!!

This commercial is too good to keep to ourselves. Enjoy!

Hammer disses Jay-Z – The Devils in the Details

This is awkward. Interesting non the less. Hammer plays into the illuminati rumors that Jay-Z worships the devil and hides the fact within his raps. Personally I would love if Jay-Z had more in common with Danzig, and less with Weezy, but thats just me.