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F*%K Your Mac Book Air

Hello monday. Thanks Gizmodo.

The Truth About The Internet

Borderline poetic. Quasi beautiful. Shout out to Lazer Krunk.

Banksy Simpsons Intro

This is currently the cat’s meow on the internet. Take a look at what Banksy pulled off.

Uman feat Illy – Mind Consumption

Looks like a bit of some nastyness just hit the press. Illy goes back to his home turf and drops a dnb release with Uman of BLOKHE4D. Hard hitting heavy beats. Peep the clip towards the end of the video and check out the vinyl at Chemical Records, or the digital release on BeatPort.

Uman Feat. Illy MC – Mind Consumption

Tighten UP! Exclusive – Secret Taliban Footage

We here at Tighten UP! have recieved this secret footage from an overseas operative who has delt directly with the Taliban. We don’t have a transcript of the footage, but from the looks of it, the Taliban are using primates to escalte the war on terror to a whole new level. We are also assuming these are super intelligent chimps with motives beyond our knowledge.

Going Loko

Not sure whats going on in your city. But In Philly kids are going nuts for this sauce. It’s called Loko. It’s pretty much the older brother of Sparks, who just got home from upstate for armed robbery. Instead of a weak %6 ABV. It’s packing 11. And it touts to have as much energy as 4 cups of coffee in every 24 ounce can. Suck it Juan Valdez. So you should probably go out and try it before its gone. And PS it tastes like licking a 9 volt and taking a shot of Robitussin. Proceed with caution. And PPS, rumor has it we’ll have a couple cases at the Tighten UP! party the end of the month.

Youtube loves The Misfits

We here at Tighten UP! love to stay in touch with our roots. And with that we’d like to say, god bless The Misfits. And it just so happens you can find some amazingly silly Misfits videos on youtube. Take a look for yourself.

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Oh Code-D I’m sure you’ve made your mother proud with this one. Thanks to The American Dream Team, McDonalds now has a talking fish with %80 more party then this guy. Don’t spend that paycheck in one weekend. And by paycheck I mean all those tasty fish sandwiches.

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